<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/15/27/16/180813083559.jpg?t=1606709497"><br>This property is part of the old CLERMONT DRIVE-IN THEATER. Currently Re-Zoned from PLANNED BUSINESS PARK/GENERAL BUSINESS (PB/GB) to REGIONAL OUTDOOR ENTERTAINMENT (OE). On Approximately 92+ Acres, the East Side of the property currently consists of FOUR SOFTBALL DIAMONS WITH ASSOCIATED FENCING AND LIGHTING, a 3600 SQUARE FOOT BUILDING THAT SUPPORTS HOSPITLITY/DINING/SNAK BAR (all restaurant equipment &amp; walk-in cooler included), RESTROOMS, ADDITIONAL STORAGE &amp; OFFICE SPACE. The North &amp; West Side of the property consists of a large open field &amp; a 16 acre Nature Preserve. There is a LARGE PAVED ENTRY &amp; PARKING AREA to access the site from Highway 136.<br>